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Merging the needs of the U.S. and the practical and political realities of the Executive and Legislative branches in Washington, DC, and around the nation

The need to effect change requires an accurate and reliable understanding of issues which are often highly complex and involve multiple disciplines and a multitude of agencies and private sector parties. Policy analysis is a key component of any successful government agency, trade group, NGO non-profit, or corporation.


A few of the policy issues examined by William Nuckols, Principal, include:

  • Offshore energy production: ensuring the safety of traditional energy resource extraction and making room for newer, cleaner and safer forms of energy production

  • The United States' National Ocean Policy

  • Maximizing the win-win possibilities inherent in civilian-military joint projects

  • Real world training opportunities for DoD employees

  • Issues surrounding the blowout at the BP Macondo well and the loss of the Transocean drilling platform

  • Research needs, information dissemination and field activities relating to the marine debris generated by the 3-11 tsunami in 2011

  • Government efficiency: locating overlapping authorities and activities and tracking program output and expenditures

  • National and regional ocean and coastal governance structures

  • Habitat restoration and protection issues

  • Sustainable coastal communities

  • Climate change impacts

  • Government perceptions and policies stemming from the threat of sea level rise

  • Legal Guest Worker programs and their importance to select domestic industries

  • Accurate labeling of seafood and other meats in the United States



Some of William Nuckols' analytical work can be found on the blog A tide of information on politics, environment, and ocean issues in general

An ongoing feed on timely issues effecting the environment, oceans or coasts can be obtained by following Mr. Nuckols' twitter feed at @envioxpert


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