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W.H. Nuckols specializes, and has a track record of significant successes, on complex issues which span multiple agencies, and correspondingly multiple committees of jurisdiction in Congress.

Conveniently located in downtown Washington, DC, for easy access to leadership, William Nuckols, Principal, has 20+ years of experience representing or bringing issues to a wide range of government agencies at the local, state and national levels.


Whether the structure is an interagency committee, a single agency, Congress or the Executive Office of the President effective communication of the real world implications of U.S. and state policies on communities, companies and other U.S. interests is an important first step in effecting positive change for W.H. Nuckols Consulting's clients.


Whether the issue is best addresses at the level of the career program manager, a senior political appointee of the Administration, in the Executive Office of the President, or at a Congressional office or Committee, William Nuckols, Principal, has the experience and expertise to operate at all of these levels. In reality, most issues Mr. Nuckols addresses requires an approach that includes linking multiple levels of government together, and while highly complex, such an approach has resulted in significant policy headway for W.H. Nuckols Consulting's clients.


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W.H. Nuckols Consulting is located on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC and has led projects throughout the continental U.S. and in the Pacific Islands

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