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W.H. Nuckols Consulting is a policy and strategic communications firm whose clients have included: U.S. Department of Commerce/NOAA, U.S. EPA, Coastal America (a federal committee comprising 13 Departments and the Executive Office of the President), State of California, State of Florida, J.M. Clayton Company, Gahagan and Bryant Associates, Blue Frontier Campaign, Homeland Policy Security Institute Group, Team 4MIL, and others.

Primarily advising federal and state agencies, but also with a proven track record of working for individual companies or trade organizations, W.H. Nuckols Consulting remains on the leading edge of issues which overlap multiple agencies statutory authorities and practices.

Historically located in Annapolis, Maryland, W.H. Nuckols Consulting is now based in the nation's capital, just a few blocks from Capitol Hill.

W.H. Nuckols Consulting was founded by William (Will) Nuckols in 1998.

Mr. William Nuckols' bio:

William Nuckols, Principal at W.H. Nuckols Consulting, is a seasoned professional with extensive public policy experience analyzing, authoring and representing the policy positions of several federal agencies including DOC/NOAA, federal interagency committees, the States of California and Florida, corporations and NGOs. A scientist by background and a policy expert and communicator by practice, his 20+ years of work in the field of public policy and science is well respected. He is an expert at leveraging the capabilities of multiple government agencies and NGOs and working toward a unified and targeted goal. His environmental policy work has included providing direct support for senior Administration officials including cabinet-level agency leaders, political appointees, and career SES officials at multiple federal Departments, partnering with members of Congress and their staffs, and briefing representatives of foreign countries. He holds degrees in Government and Philosophy at William and Mary from the College of William and Mary and Masters of Science from the Medical University of South Carolina and the College of Charleston.

A resume for William Nuckols is located HERE.

Noteworthy Achievements:

* Conceived and implemented a major federal/state/local marine environmental restoration and protection project in South Florida. Recognized for leadership in a letter from President Obama and a Coastal America Partnership Award.

* Created the first-ever hazardous dive-training program for the U.S. military to address derelict fishing gear in Puget Sound, WA. Recognized for leadership in a letter from Rep. Rick Larsen

* Coauthored EPA report published in Environmental Research Letters on climate change and sea level rise adaptation strategies for the Mid-Atlantic Region.

* Conceived a research initiative to use Military laser radar technology to locate and remove marine debris from the Pacific Ocean.

* Worked with Congress to pass legislation to preserve sustainable domestic blue crab and oyster industries. Recognized by the Chesapeake Bay Seafood Association for commitment to their industry and rural seafood producing communities.

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W.H. Nuckols Consulting is located on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC and has led projects throughout the continental U.S. and in the Pacific Islands

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