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Zinc Free Polygrip

Reducing peripheral neuropathy in the U.S. population by eliminating high levels of zinc from denture cream adhesives

Information had been building for some time indicating that there may be serious health effects to a portion of the population that uses dental adhesives on a regular basis. The American Academy of Neurology published a study in October 2008 documenting the medical link between denture cream and neurological disease. However, as important as peer reviewed studies are they are often decisive in legal proceedings are the opposition fields its own studies and experts. Real pressure can come to play by engaging the public, and accordingly before going to trial the law firm of Blizzard, McCarthy & Nabers contracted with W.H. Nuckols Consulting to prepare a strategic communication plan in advance of legal actions.

While initially designed to facilitate the process as the effort worked its way through the legal channels, the media attention was so immensely effective several denture cream manufacturers moved to remove zinc from their products immediately.





GlaxoSmithKline, the British pharmaceuticals giant, removed zinc from its denture adhesives after claims that “long-term, excessive” use of the products was bad for people’s health. It has been claimed that long-term use of popular brands such as Poligrip Ultra and Poligrip Total Care has been linked to neurological damage.

The zinc ingredients of the popular denture glue, Poligrip, were removed from production amid fears it is damaging the health of millions of people worldwide.

Media coverage of the issues surrounding zinc resulted in a quick resolution to this public health problem


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